White Tel Aviv

You are cordially invited to a new lecture series, ‘An Architect on his travels’, which begins with a lecture by Dr Ryszard Nakonieczny PhD Arch., entitled ‘White Tel Aviv’.

Silesia incognita. Architecture of Evangelical Churches of Upper Silesia 1945-2017

Professor Ewa Chojecka, with her usual intuitiveness and masterful precision, again touches upon an important and, to date, unexplored topic. She identifies that between the post-war period and the present day, despite all manner of adversity, new sacred buildings – Evangelical churches – have been built in Upper Silesia, mainly in Cieszyn Silesia.

Night of Museums with the ‘Stars’

As part of the Polish Night of Museums, the Institute of Architecture Documentation at the Silesian Library (IADSL) invites you to the inaugural opening of the series ‘From the Architects Archives’.

Twentieth-century urban plans of Rybnik and their implementation

As part of the ‘Architectural Triad’ series, we cordially invite you to three meetings with Dr Jacek Kamiński. The theme of the lectures concerns the twentieth-century urban plans of the town of Rybnik, presented against a background of the broad social, political and economic context of their creation and implementation.