Farewell Jurand

Katowice. Awakening in the Paderewski estate. Over morning coffee, one can see on the horizon the 24-story skyscraper of the PRL era, known as the “Żyleta” by Hapeerowiec. On the way to the center, you can stop by the Silesian Library. Shopping at the Katowice “Zenit” or “Skarbek”.

All these buildings and many others in Katowice, not only owe it to him – Jurand Jarecki, as their designer. Thanks to His donation, we can preserve, study, and disseminate his legacy. This will not change. Unfortunately, he passed away tonight. We will no longer meet him by the fireplace in his private home, but he will remain in our grateful memory forever.

The funeral of Jurand Jarecki will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. at the Municipal Cemetery on al. Murckowska in Katowice.