Stanisław Kwaśniewicz – Architect

We present to you a book that focuses on one of the most important architects of late modernism operating in Upper Silesia, Stanisław Kwaśniewicz. His creative work consists of a vast number of projects with different functions and levels of complexity – from iconic public utility buildings such as the Separator in Katowice, the Kosmos cinema, the building of the Silesian Institute of Science, and the Silesian Library, to educational, residential, and religious structures.

This monograph is unique as it presents a compilation of all the works and projects of Stanisław Kwaśniewicz that have not been published anywhere before. The author, architect Małgorzata Malanowicz, was a long-time collaborator of Stanisław Kwaśniewicz at Katowice’s Miastoprojekt, which enriches her research perspective with a highly personal viewpoint.

Attention! The book is available for pre-order at a promotional price of 45 PLN until May 25th (after which it will be priced at 60 PLN), through the website of the Silesian Library:

Photo by Dominika Śliwińska.