Jurand Jarecki. Architect


Jurand Jarecki, Architect

Publisher: Biblioteka Śląska w Katowicach
(Silesian Library in Katowice)
Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-83-64210-50-1
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“Architecture is like an English gentleman. When he leaves the room, it is impossible to say what he was dressed in. But neither can it be said that he was poorly dressed. He was simply elegant. He did not shock by wearing a gaudy jacket.” (Jurand Jarecki)

Katowice’s leading architect, creator, and co-creator of projects which included the Kosmos cinemas, Zenit and Skarbek department stores, shopping centres in Koszutka, the Paderewski estate, the Silesian Library and the library at the University of Physical Education in Katowice. He is presented in sketch and essay form by art and architecture historians, as well as through the private reminiscences of several generations of architects.

The publication accompanied a testimonial event entitled ‘Gentleman of Space’ held for the architect at the Silesian Library in 2018.


Publisher: Biblioteka Śląska w Katowicach (Silesian Library in Katowice)
Concept and content: Iga Herok-Turska
Collaboration: Dominika Śliwińska, Ryszard Nakonieczny, Przemysław Czernek
Graphic design and typesetting: Krzysztofa Frankowska-Piechowicz
Preparation of photographs: Krzysztofa Frankowska-Piechowicz, Dominika Śliwińska
Proofreading: Elżbieta Spadzińska-Żak
Printing: Drukarnia Archidiecezjalna w Katowicach (Archdiocese Printing House in Katowice)
© copyright by Biblioteka Śląska, Katowice 2018
ISBN: 978-83-64210-50-1