Jerzy Gottfried, Architect


Jerzy Gottfried, Architect

Publisher: Biblioteka Śląska w Katowicach & SARP oddział Katowice
(Silesian Library in Katowice & SARP branch in Katowice)
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-83-64210-26-6
Order publication Polish version only

“An architect should never forget the transcendental nature of his profession. One should satisfy not only specific needs, but also the dreams and longings of individuals and entire communities.” Jerzy Gottfried

A portrait of an outstanding architect as compiled by friends, students and colleagues. Gottfried was one of the members of the so-called ‘Zielone Konie’ (Green Horses) made up of himself, H. Buszko and A. Franta. His projects included the Flower Hall in the Park of Culture and Recreation, exhibition pavilions at the Technical Progress Centre in Chorzów, the DOKP tower block in Katowice, the Sports Hall in Opole, in Sosnowiec and many other buildings.

The publication accompanied a testimonial event entitled ‘Carpenter’s Apprentice’ held for the architect at the Silesian Library in Katowice in 2016.